Work, Women, and Wine

Work, Women, and Wine

Working as a woman, in the world of wine and smm can be exhausting. Explaining your self numerous times over and reasoning with people as to why you are there! Can it get any more challenging? Oh wait, yes it can… being a woman in many areas still has its cons to working in a “good old boys” world!  But hey we all have to stop ” drinking shots of “compareschalger”” as Marie Forleo stated, where you compare yourself to everyone else around you including men and women!

As if running your own business, getting the degrees, more credentials, plus the years of experience, add in the sales and awards, and you’re still looked down upon! Not to mention running kids ten different directions, being the perfect PTA mom, staying “hot”, and keeping a non-GMO -organic- Paleo- gluten-free- meal on the table and in the kids hands at all times isn’t enough….(thanks, feminists)! I know, I know, I asked for this!

Seriously how do we get ahead? In today’s world, I find relying on others to be a huge asset. I can not tell you how much I adore podcasts and webinars! These are my people, this is my homeland! Those like me who started in their basements, and began by recording their first podcasts in their closets, (maybe just me again?), and started from nothing, and now lead influential and successful lives. These are the people I admire and adore!

Thank you for being real and showing us the UGLY side of the startup and not saying that every day will be roses. There will be days men and women attack you and you cry in the parking lot! There will be days you have no money and need to decide between a new laptop or an assistant, when you know both will save your sanity! Thank you for being my beacon and guiding light through this messy storm and thank you for not filling me with sunshine, but with stone cold facts!

This message is to show you my ugly side of entrepreneurship and how for the past year it has been a lot of sunshine but on the inside it was hard and difficult and ugly! Now that we have expanded it only grows harder every day, but in turn with the bigger the leap the more rewards.

So don’t give up and don’t let anyone walk on you no matter the profession. If you have to cry I have a rule; you get 15 minutes in a parking garage or bathroom stale, then you pull it together and move on. Remember you can always have wine at the end of the day and wine makes everything better! Tears are necessary but they don’t fix anything! No one will feel sorry for you and help you up! Yes this is sad, but it is the truth. I wish someone had told me this ten years ago!  You can depend on others for advice but that is where the sunshine truck ends. You have no one to fall back on but YOU, so get, up, and get out there, and HUSTLE, as Gary Vaynerchuk would say!

Believe in yourself and keep going even when it is hard!